The Facebook-owned instant messaging platform, WhatsApp Messenger, or simply WhatsApp, came up with its prominent offering to the business world, known as the WhatsApp Business API. Conspicuously, for businesses around the globe to enable them to connect with customers worldwide, so even small businesses can benefit from the internet using the platform to communicate with customers on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way. The platform makes it easier for businesses to interact with customers personally and to answer queries related to the products and services provided, thereby, providing a decisive and reliable shopping experience to the customers.

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Before you speak, listen. Before you react, think.

Indeed, a remarkable quote goes as: “Empty vessels make the most noise”. Noting down to the jotters, trust me on this one, a person’s agility is judged on her behavior. Intelligence is judged at in-person meetings (pre-pandemic times)on characteristics that include actions, reactions, how one starts a conversation, how one ends a conversation, gestures, eye movement etc., that hit observers’ acumen directly. Except for family members, old friends or a partner, it does not matter how much a person may deny but enough of a proportion of judgement remains intact. After all…

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Introduction to SPSS

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences or SPSS is one of the most used and renowned software for statistical analysis of complex data which is used by various researchers worldwide. What makes it so eminent is its smooth and user-friendly interface. The user interface of SPSS is straightforward and accessible to and by everyone, which makes it easy to learn, use, and teach. Many researchers blame it to be blundering because it makes statistical analysis so simple which further leads them to be doing mindless analysis, like using your calculator for a simple ‘2+2’ calculation. You can run tests on…

We are cognizant of the fact of being jealous at some point in our lives, pretty obviously. It might be resentment, envy, covetousness or maybe grudge; these can be characterized as the most prevailing forms of jealousy in the present era.

I tell you it’s totally ‘Okay’! Don’t ever take it as a flaw, not even it is a vulnerability. No one would really hate someone because of his/her potential of envy, apart from someone antagonist. It may create problems only when you start changing your habits to imitate someone, copy or just to have something your friends have and…

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The Pandemic Covid-19 has been emerging since November 2019 like fires in a forest. Though, it’s not only of its kind that has brought such hassle in our lives. The 2009 pandemic of ‘Influenza’, 1918 pandemic ‘Spanish Flu’ and many other such diseases spread had taken over the world earlier too but the thing to worry about right now is the nonexistent vaccine of the CoronaVirus.

As humans, we belong to a certain region where we were born or live. That place exists in a country, this country is then owned(owned can be a wrong…

Graphical Representation of ‘Transatlantic’ Wires

A very considerable thought that we usually ignore even though we are almost every time active on cyberspace(or internet) but don’t bother to question whether from where does this internet actually comes from, so I presume your curiosity ends here.

“The internet is not a luxury anymore, it is a necessity.”

~President Barack Obama

We are all aware of satellites, towers, and routers — the first that thing comes up to our mind when someone says the word ‘internet’. So is it really from where it’s coming from, I mean it is, but the birthplace? The answer is suppressing and…

Is this the world we dreamt for?
We were glad after end of the world war,
end of an era with a rage trap door.
Who knew the world was better before?

With earnest dreams in his eyes,
he entered an era where ambition dies.
Not precisely, neither very lightly,
still he struggled everything politely.

Where hatred rules and race decides,
the omnipotent kings and leaders divides.
Venom of greed and revenge at summit,
all this just for a political benefit?

No wonder what else is left to be seen,
in need is honesty and truth before spleen.
Still many we now see is filled with abhor.
The hope for harmony, it's late before.
This is not the world we dreamt for.
This is not the world we dreamt for.

~Tarvinder Singh

A ‘No’ sounds good unless you are the listener

How dreadful and breathtaking the life of a successful person appears to be when seen with the eyes of a viewer. As an admirer, we often dream of having such a lavish lifestyle we see because ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. But what we usually forget to look at is the reality. Myopia through affection often forbids our focal point from drudgery. Behind that victory exists the persistent backbreaking hard work of one, which we mistakenly don’t remember to take into consideration and what we look at is the luxury of one and that’s it.


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The viral meme of ‘Uber Walking Buddy’ left me with an idea considerably legitimate. So, to those who don’t know what this image actually exhibits — from the last few days this viral meme that says you can book a cab from the well-known taxi booking website Uber with options as UberX (personal), Pool (sharing) and Walking Buddy. This photoshopped screenshot image was not only being shared vigorously on Twitter but on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and WhatsApp as well. Apart from funny, this feature if really was a thing could have some advantageous outcomes as well. …

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The most important thing a person misses when he/she indulges in a job, and insist to fully harness (does/doesn’t enjoy doing it) from the work, is time. If we start enjoying our job, we demand for more time just to get the maximum amount of satisfaction from doing it. But if we don’t then we just want shifts to end to the earliest.

For example, we all enjoy spending time with our loved ones more than our colleagues, so we prefer spending the weekend with them instead the coworkers, common sense right? …

Tarvinder Singh

I aspire to be someone who can influence, at least one person in his entire life.

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